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Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard grinding is perfect for achieving precision sizes, flatness and parallelism on plates bars and fabrications. Often called "Abrasive Machining" this grinding method is capable of extremely high stock removal rates.

We have eight machines ranging in size with a capacity of up to 135" diagonal and 20,000 pounds weight. Our Mattison has a 110" diameter table with 200 HP spindle motor and is the largest in northern California.

We are specialists in grinding stainless steel and routinely produce precision ground plate, bar and fabrications in the following materials:

BLANCHARD GRINDING CENTERLESS GRINDING SURFACE GRINDING CYLINDRICAL & INTERNAL GRINDING POLISHING General Grinding, Inc. is an experienced, well-equipped and versatile shop that offers precision surface grinding;We provide “just in time” delivery of production parts to dozens of national and international companies.


市面上有很多犀利士偽藥。美國聯邦貿易委員會正在調查虛假或無證據的療效聲明並對假藥犀利士採取行動。 CNC creep feed surface grinding and Blanchard grinding in addition to polishing. We are your vendor of choice to provide parts complete and ready for assembly.
  • steel and its alloys
  • aluminum and its alloys
  • copper and its alloys
  • brass and its alloys
  • Tungsten
  • plastics, though not all are grindable
  • glass and quartz
  • cast iron
  • epoxy laminates
  • titanium
  • quarry stone such as limestone, granite and marble

We maintain an extensive inventory of abrasives to provide for grinding almost any material and our collection of fixtures, angle plates, clamps and tooling can accommodate even the largest parts.

Finishes and dimensional tolerances are of course determined by the material, thickness and size of the part, so an inquiry with the specifics will always be necessary. You can be sure that we are capable of the closest tolerances in the industry.

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